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How do I love thee?

I wander through the local thrift store when I'm feeling a little's my mom's and my little tradition to go in and cruise the shelves for old silver, china, linens...we probably go once a month or so. Today was a serious jackpot day. While wandering into their fabric remnant section, I saw what appeared to be some brown faux fur. When I got closer, I realized that it was a mink vest that had blown out a seam. I can't decide how old it is, but I'm thinking I could probably fix it, OR more likely, I'm going to take it apart to make a muff. I need to do some research and make sure its not too old/valuable. It looks pretty new, so I'm not too worried about taking it apart. As I was looking at the vest, a store employee walked in with some bolts of fabric.  Happy Christmas to me! I scored 11+ yards of orange and rust striped silk for less than $2.50 a yard!

There were a bunch of other things in the store on silent auction that I am desperately enamored with - one of which is a steamer trunk with drawers and hangers in it, but the beginning bid was $250. While it seems like a reasonable price, I just can't afford it so close to Christmas. Plus, I don't have anywhere to store it.

Now if I can just stop buying presents for myself!
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