Jan. 26th, 2013

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I've been feeling inspired by [livejournal.com profile] koshka_the_cat's recent posts about muffs. While I love the idea of Spoonflower samples, I felt like I could do things more frugally with supplies I already had on hand...so after doing an experiment today, I thought I'd toss this idea out for anyone who feels like a DIY project.

Printing on Silk

Freezer Paper
Fabric (I used some silk habotai from dharmatrading.com)
an Ink Jet printer
Standard Ironing equipment


I tore a strip of fabric about 8.5 by 11 inches long, and tore a piece of freezer paper about the same size. I used my iron on the dry setting and ironed the plastic side of the paper to the fabric until they were fused. Then I trimmed my fabric/paper to exactly 8.5 by 11 to fit in my printer.

I did a quick Internet search for a picture I wanted to use, did some resizing, and sent my freezer papered fabric through my ink jet printer. After a couple false tries, I found that changing my printer settings to high quality photo printing on glossy paper got the best results. Without the glossy paper setting, the printer wouldn't grab my fabric, but I'm guessing if I used a less slippery fabric a regular paper setting could work.

I don't know how the ink will stand up to water, but I'm thinking a good heat set with an iron, or setting with vinegar might be a good thing.


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